Why You May Need to Install Soakwells around Your Home

Posted on: 26 June 2019

If you own a home, then you know that you have certain responsibilities and need to make sure that your property is maintained in accordance with local rules and regulations. You may be able to keep to yourself and act as a good neighbour to others while keeping your house in good condition, but you may have to go even further than that. In other words, you may well be responsible for managing the rain that falls on your home, especially during monsoon season. If you don't take the appropriate action, this rain could cause an issue for other people. What action should you take?

Insufficient Drainage

Your house is undoubtedly fitted with an adequate guttering system, designed to gather rain from the roof and other surfaces and transport it efficiently to ground level. You may also be aware that storm drain systems are sunk into the roads around your property, and these are typically maintained by local government. These drains are designed to capture excess rainwater and transport it safely elsewhere.

Dealing With Excess Water

Problems may arise if you do not have an adequate drainage system on your property to deal with excess rainwater. When the rain is delivered to ground level by your guttering system, it may flood across your property and into that of a neighbour or otherwise cause issues elsewhere. It may not necessarily find its way into a storm drain, and local regulations dictate that you take action to prevent this.

Finding a Solution

Consequently, you may need to install one or more soakwells around your property. This is an effective way of dealing with high volumes of water and will help ensure that you keep on the right side of those local laws.

Your House Is in the Way

This solution is particularly important due to the impact that your property has, just by being there. If rainwater were to fall on an undeveloped property, it would be evenly distributed and would seep into the ground more effectively. However, your house is nonporous and is typically surrounded by paving, which means that even dispersal is impossible. The bare soil around the structure will not be able to absorb the water delivered by your guttering system, and this could lead to soil erosion, flooding and other issues.


A soakwell is buried into the ground and connected to your drainage downpipe. It is typically filled with small rocks or stones and will help to absorb much more water. The water will be dispersed into the surrounding soil, and you won't have to worry about this problem any more.


Soakwells come in a variety of different sizes and can be placed strategically for best effect. Talk with a professional installer about your needs.